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Abdelsalam 'Solom' Heddaya
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+1 425 895-8269 home
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3702 167th Pl. NE
Apt. H-2026
Redmond, WA 98052
  03-- Senior Architect
Windows OS Reliability

Microsoft Corp.
Redmond, WA

  97-03 Chief Technology Officer (CTO),
Member of the Board of Directors, VP and co-founder

InfoLibria, Inc.
Waltham, MA

  01-- Adjunct Associate Professor Boston University
Computer Science Department

Boston, MA
  97-01 Associate Professor (on leave) "        
  88-97 Assistant Professor "        
  00-01 Member of the Technical Advisory Board Integral Access, Inc.
Chelmsford, MA

Visiting Scholar

Harvard University Division of Applied Science
Cambridge, MA
95/96 Research Consultant, Parallel Computing Applications
Department of Biological Chemistry and Molecular Pharmacology.
Harvard Medical School
Boston, MA
  1988 Ph.D. in Computer Science

Harvard University
Cambridge, MA

  1983 S.M. in Applied Mathematics "        
  1980 B.Sc. (First Class Honours) in Computer Engineering and Automatic Control Alexandria University
Alexandria Egypt
Venture Capital 97-01 $128M. Raised in four rounds of private financing for InfoLibria, Inc.
Played key role in earlier rounds, and supporting role in third and fourth.
Adams Capital,
Patricof Ventures,
Sandler Capital,
Nortel Networks,
Mellon Ventures,
and others
Grants 96-97

$98k. Research Instrumentation for Real-time, Multi-media and High Performance Computing in Distributed Systems
PI's: M. Chen, A. Bestavros, and A. Heddaya

National Science Foundation
  95-98 $524k. Graduate Assistantships in Areas of National Need
PI's: M. Chen, A. Bestavros, M. Crovella, A. Heddaya, and S. Sclaroff
US Department of Education

$398k. Undergraduate Curriculum in Massively Parallel Computing
PI's: C. Rebbi, S. Homer, A. Heddaya, R. Giles and R. Brower

National Science Foundation
  90-91 $66k. Computer Science Research Instrumentation
PI's: A. Heddaya, A. Biliris, S. Salveter, and E. Sciore


$70k. Research Initiation Award
PI: A. Heddaya
Prizes 2000 Streaming Media Product of the Year.
Awarded for MediaMall, InfoLibria's second product.
Network Magazine
  1999 Hot Product of 1999.
Granted in the "Public Network" category, for DynaCache's "unique distributed architecture". Awarded globally by premier industry publication in the field, published by Prentice-Hall (merged into Network Magazine in 1999).
Data Communications Magazine
  1998 Top 25 Hot Startups in 1998.
Awarded nationally by premier industry publication.

Hottest Startup in 1998.
Awarded to one Massachusetts startup every year.

Massachusetts Interactive Media Council

National Graduation Award.
Honors the top three engineering graduates from each university.

National Society of Engineering
Books &
1998 Recovery-Enhanced Reliability, Dependability and Performability
A. Heddaya, A. Helal, and A. Elmagarmid
Chapter 4 in Recovery Mechanisms In Database Systems (V. Kumar and M. Hsu, eds.)
Upper Saddle River, NJ
  1997 Transaction Optimization Techniques
A. Helal, Y-S. Kim, M. Nodine, A. Elmagarmid, and A. Heddaya
Chapter 9 in Advanced Transaction Models and Architectures (S. Jajodia and L. Kerschberg, eds.)
Kluwer Academic
Boston, MA
Replication Techniques in Distributed Systems (book)
A. Helal, A. Heddaya and B. Bhargava.
2001 Protocol for Distributing Fresh Content among Networked Cache Servers
A. Heddaya, S. Mirdad, D. Yates, and I. Yates
US Patent
No. 6,205,481

Method and System for Distributed Caching, Prefetching and Replication
D. Yates, A. Heddaya, and S. Mirdad

US Patent
No. 6,167,438
Articles Sep
An Economically Scalable Internet
A. Heddaya
IEEE Computer
vol. 35, no. 9, pp.93-95
Refereed Papers Dec 1997 Congestion control for asynchronous parallel computing on workstation networks
A. Heddaya and K. Park
Parallel Computing
vol.23, no.13, pp.1855-1875
  June 1997 Diffusion-based Caching Along Routing Paths
A. Heddaya, S. Mirdad and D. Yates
2nd Intl. Web Caching Wrkp.
Boulder, CO
  May 1997 WebWave: Globally Load Balanced Fully Distributed Caching of Hot Published Documents
A. Heddaya and S. Mirdad
IEEE 17th Intl. Conf. on Distributed Computing Systems
Baltimore, MD
  Aug 1995 Parallel Computing on High-Speed Wide-Area Networks: A Pricing Policy for its Communication Needs
A. Heddaya and K. Park
IEEE 3rd Wrkp. on Arch. and Implementation of High Perf. Comm. Subsystems
Mystic, CT
  Jun 1995 Application-level Document Caching in the Internet
A. Bestavros, B. Carter, M. Crovella, C. Cunha, A. Heddaya, and S. Mirdad
2nd Intl. Wrkp. on Services in Dist. Networked Environments, Whistler, Canada
  Aug 1994 Mapping parallel iterative methods onto workstation networks
A. Heddaya and K. Park
IEEE 3rd Intl. Symp. on High Perf. Dist. Computing
San Francisco, CA
  Jan 1994 Using Warp to control network contention in Mermera
A. Heddaya, K. Park, and H. Sinha
27th Hawaii Intl. Conf. on System Sciences
Maui, HI
  Jan 1993 An overview of Mermera: A system and formalism for non-coherent distributed parallel memory
A. Heddaya and H. Sinha
26th Hawaii Intl. Conf. on System Sciences
Maui, HI
  Oct 1989 Two Phase Gossip: Managing Distributed Event Histories,
A. Heddaya, M. Hsu, and W. Weihl
Information Sciences
vol.49, no.1-3
  Jun 1985 Support for Distributed Transactions in the TABS Prototype
A. Spector et al.
IEEE Trans. on Software Engineering
vol.SE-11, no.6, pp.520-530
Sept 1996 Communicable Memory and Lazy Barriers for Bulk Synchronous Parallelism in BSPk.
A. Fahmy and A. Heddaya
  Aug 1996 BSPk: Low Overhead Communication Constructs and Logical Barriers for Bulk Synchronous Parallel Programming (Extended Abstract)
A. Fahmy and A. Heddaya
Bulletin IEEE TCOS
vol.8, no.2, pp.27-32
  Mar 1996 Distributed Parallel Computing in Mermera: Mixing Noncoherent Shared Memories.
A. Heddaya and H.S. Sinha
  Dec 1994 OS Support for Portable Bulk Synchronous Parallel Programs
A. Heddaya and A.F. Fahmy
  Jun 1993 An implementation of Mermera: A shared memory system that mixes coherence with non-coherence
A. Heddaya and H. Sinha
  Oct 1990 Transactional Replication for Typed Objects
A. Heddaya, P. Ramamurthy, and S. Sinha
Wrkp. on Transactions and Objects,
Ottawa, Canada
2001 Sulaiman Mirdad (co-founder, InfoLibria, Inc., 1997-2001)
Thesis: WebWave--Large-scale Load-balanced Content Distribution
VP of Technology
Naseej, Inc.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  1998 Arif Bhatti
Thesis: Design and Evaluation of Shared Memory for Workstation Networks
Senior Architect
724 Solutions, Inc.
Toronto, Canada
  1996 Kihong Park
Non-thesis published work on: network congestion control, especially for asynchronous parallel applications.
Assistant Professor,
Purdue University Computer Sciences Department,
West Lafayette, IN
  1993 Himanshu Sinha
Thesis: Non-Coherent Distributed Shared Memory for Parallel Computing
Consulting Engineer
InfoLibria, Inc.
Waltham, MA
Societies   Member of IEEE Computer Society (since ~1978), ACM (since ~1978), Broadband Content Delivery Forum (since 2000).
Participant at IETF (since 2000).
Service   Program committee member of IEEE Intl. Conf. on Distributed Computing Systems (1990), IEEE Symp. on Computers and Communications (1997), and Intl. Workshop on Web Caching and Content Delivery (2000).
General secretary, American Arab Scientific Society (1992-93).


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